Course Curriculum:


Puppies are cute, fun, curious and mischevious and that's why we love them so!  However, it is during this important developmental time when dogs are very impressionable and highly trainable.  That is why MPNU works with enrollee's in Puppy Day School at My Pet Nanny University and offers Puppy Etiquette Training or P.E.T., to take advantage of this awesome time!

​​​My Pet Nanny University

* Proven Potty Training Methods

* Why we recommend Crate Training

* Loose Leash Walking

* Puppy Safety Tips

* Puppy's and little people

* Puppy's and other fur babies

* Exploring with their mouth's and bite inhibition

* What's all the hype about socialization

* Puppy's basic needs and more

* Why did I get a puppy???  Sleep issues, chewing tips, and    other silliness.

* New Behaviors like, sit, stay, don't run away!

* Help...I have a jumping bean!

* Know what sit means

* Want to walk by your side

* Establish loose leash walking

* Keep all four on the floor

* Know where to potty

* Enjoy their crate

* Be able to lie down on cue

​* Learn some impulse controls

* Learn leave it

* Know when to come to you

* Give you their attention

​* Learn to nose target

​* Have a ton of fun!