​​​My Pet Nanny University

Private training sessions are available at MPNU both in your home and at a pre-determined location.  Students enrolled in private training tend to need a variety of behavior issues addressed that  will benefit from fewer distractions inherent in the group class.

Examples of a Private Training needs are:

* Loose Leash Walking

* Jumping

* Resource Guarding

* Leash reactive behavior like barking or lunging towards other dogs, kids, bikes, etc.

* Loud Noise Anxiety

* Inappropriate elimination

* Issues with crating

* Nuisance Barking

* Seperation Anxiety

* Recall and escaping

MPNU provides an intake assessment form to determine the best training options for you and your pet.  

Once decided, enrollment and scheduling will be done with Deb Norris.

Some one-on-one time please....