​​​My Pet Nanny University

Dogs from 6 months and up are often at risk for surrender due to behavior issues which many times translate into learned behaviors needing direction.  It is at this time when most trainers are called due to things like:

* Nuisance Barking

* Jumping

* Leash Pulling

* Inappropriate elimination

* Lunging

* Rough Play

* Fear of....oh so many things

* "Mine, Mine, Mine"...Resource Guarding

You get the picture...

Basic Manners Graduates:

Where's my manners?  Tween, Teen, and older dogs too!

Will learn:

* Sit/Stay

* Go To Place

* Here (not here, here, here, here!)

* Down/Relax/Chill

* Leave it/Take It

* The nose knows...targeting

* How to walk like a human/loose leash walking tips and tools

* Where the floor is and how to stay on it/four on the floor

* What to do when humans come over/polite greeting skills

* Impulse Control Behaviors

* classes/topics will vary by participant needs at the discretion of MPNU.