​​​My Pet Nanny University

Who We are and why we do what we do...

The Smart Stuff:

So what is Positive, Force Free Training you ask, well, to keep it simple, it is using human psychological theory with the canine learning style!  B.F. Skinner's theory of Operant Conditioning taught that behavior is learned and either increases or decreases based on the reinforcing stimulus.  An important factor to understand is that dogs, like people, are always experiencing conditioning, behavior is always being reinforced.

An example is what is commonly referred to as "counter surfing", your puppy pal learns to grab food left available off the counter.  Getting the food reinforces "surfing the counters" so the behavior increases.  You may begin to try to stop it by being more diligent in not leaving food accessible on the counter.  Then, during a busy dinner party, surprise, your pup is at it again and is reinforced again.  Now the behavior is turned up a notch because the reinforcement *getting the food* is intermittent...sometimes "surfing" pays off and sometimes it doesn't!  

​This problem behavior escalates and suddenly you are calling a trainer!  The good news...alternative behaviors can be taught while we have you raise your awareness on not allowing the undesired behaviors to be practiced and thereby accidentally get reinforced again.  Make sense?  I hope so.

​Let's chat about what new behaviors your pup needs and what old behaviors we can work to reduce and replace.  Contact Deb Norris today.

Deb Norris began as the owner and operator of My Pet Nanny LLC a petcare company located in the New Tampa, FL area.  She has worked with animals from a very young age.  Having experience as a child in the 4H working with and showing, Cattle, Sheep, Pigs, and Rabbits.  She excelled as a child in tending to and raising animals and was passionate about it even then.  

Following that passion in her adult life, she grew a business from a small dog walking company to a growing professional petcare service company.  Visit My Pet Nanny LLC here and learn more about us!

Having attended the Victoria Stilwell Academy for Dog Training and Behavior ​and graduating with distinction, Deb opened My Pet Nanny University, an extension of My Pet Nanny LLC.  Positive and Force Free dog training ensures your pet learns versus just complies and has resources and skills versus ways to avoid!  Let us show you how!  The fun continues as we aim to offer our ongoing exemplary services in the dog training field.  Watch us play, learn, and grow as you share your pups with us and we share our skills, knowledge, and passion with you!